Sunday, 12 June 2016


Flat Earth, A Sphere Tactic....

There is much talk among the entitled 'Conspiracy Theorists' of a flat Earth. I have been asked many times now what my opinion/position is on this subject.  It is my opinion that the Earth is a sphere and the flat Earth theory is nothing more than a distraction. My reasons are that the number 12 completes the circle and the universe is a Dodecahedron, which has been scientifically proven, therefore it relates to the number 12, the circular/spherical shape. Also Earth's polar opposites push against each other to create a magnetic shield, a dynamo effect which shields us against harmful solar rays, using Earth's molten/liquid core creating a convection effect which i think is only possible with a spherical shape not a flat surface. When i look at the sun and moon i can see that they are not a flat,when i look at ancient carvings and scrolls that show the solar system with its planets thousands of years before modern science knew about them, everything is a sphere, so why would Earth be flat?

When the so called truth seekers and oppression fighters stop fighting amongst themselves then maybe they may just get somewhere. 

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  1. Correct, One big distraction. Wasting time on such topics is the basis of the truth movement.
    If the earth was indeed square, we'd still have corrupt governments and lost peoples. Great post.